Commercial Applications


National construction expenditures total $1 trillion annually; with around onethird expended by the public sector and two thirds in the for profit sector. While this neartrillion-dollar enterprise may seem like a thriving industry, it is one plagued by labor problems, material waste, and lack of creative growth. Any departure from standardrectilinear design significantly increases the cost of conventional construction. Architectsare further limited in their design by the inability of manual laborers to build complex designs. The skilled labor force in the U.S. is decreasing and the costs of commercialconstruction are increasingly prohibitive. In addition, long construction times lead to highfinancing costs and significantly increase the overall cost of production. Ways must be found to decrease cost in the construction industry while promoting more ambitiousconstruction projects.


Consumers, Architects, and developers should not be limited in construction design by excessive costs and labor constraints. Waste of materials at construction sitemust not only be minimized, but eliminated. The length of construction project should beaccelerated to cut out the cost of financing long-term projects. And most importantly, humans should not be placed at risk in dangerous construction sites.


Contour Crafting can significantly reduce the cost of commercial construction.Projections indicate costs will be around one fifth as much as conventional construction.Contour Crafting promises to eliminate waste of construction materials. Contour Crafting construction projects will be extremely accelerated; for example a 2000 square foot housecan be constructed in less than 24 hours. This rapid construction time minimizes thefinancing costs of construction projects that typically take six months or longer to complete. While the costs of manual labor will be significantly reduced, physical powerwill be exchanged for brain power in the construction industry. For the first time womenand the elderly will be able to take part in the construction industry. Construction could become a consumer market, wherein a house or other structure could be designed andbuilt by the family that will occupy it. Reduced costs, and automated building will makeconstruction accessible to anyone. Imagine a Contour Crafting machine for lease at you local Home Depot.

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