Emergency Housing


There are currently around 37 million uprooted people in the world, forced to fleefrom their homes and seek shelter elsewhere, usually because of war, economic or natural disaster. The sad reality of the situation is that it can take several months or years before disaster victims are placed in permanent housing, many remain in primitive camps or even homeless indefinitely. The UN and other humanitarian agencies do what they can to provide victims with basic daily necessities such as food, water, and tents, but the extreme magnitude of the problem limits their effectiveness in providing victims with suitable quality of living. In addition, prefabricated houses are an expensive and inefficient solution. A 50 to 60 square meter pre-fab home costs more than $3,000, are difficult and costly to transport, and are usually of poor construction quality, lacking the necessities of heating and plumbing.


Victims of emergency situations such as war and natural disaster should not haveto wait months to regain a suitable quality of life. Dignified housing (not tents) should be available to dislocated victims in a rapid fashion.


Contour Crafting technology can deliver strong dignified houses to disastervictims very rapidly. Construction by Contour Crafting can build a 2,000 square foot house with all utilities for electrical and plumbing in less than 24 hours. Contour Crafting technology is adaptable and can use in situ construction material, thus eliminating the need to transport materials long distances, saving the time and costs associated with transportation. Since Contour Crafting is an automated process, labor needs are highly minimized allowing relief workers to allocate their time and effort to rebuilding local infrastructure such as water sanitation and distribution systems, roads, electrical and communication systems as well as irrigations systems. In this way Contour Crafting has the potential of providing disaster survivors not only with dignified shelter, but also with more resources to rebuild their lives and their communities.

Case Studies:

Hurricane Katrina – United States

Asian Tsunami

Kashmir Earthquake – Pakistan

Bam earthquake, Iran

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